Harmony Ridge P-8 is excited to provide athletic opportunities for our students in the 2023-2024 school year! At Harmony Ridge, we believe in the development of the whole child. We also believe that extra curriculars are an important way for students to learn new skills and find something that they love!

Please reach out to Sarah Schnetzler with any questions regarding athletics. [email protected]

Click here for current athletic schedules and detailed information for each sport.

Click here to register your student for a sport!

General Information:

All athletes should plan to attend practices Monday through Friday 2:30-4:30. Parents should plan to pick up their athlete no later than 4:45. Athletes should also bring a water bottle to every practice. Fees for all sports will be $35 which must be paid prior to the first competition. If payment is an issue please reach out to Ms. Schnetzler to discuss a payment plan. Athletes participating in multiple sports will pay for the first two sports and all subsequent sports will be free.


Athletes that have received a score of 2 or below on their eligibility sheet will be ineligible for the following week. Students who also have more than TWO unexcused tardies or an unexcused absence (skipping/ditching class) will be ineligible for the following week.

Athletics Registration:

Please follow the link to register your athlete for all seasons that they will participate in.

Fall Sports at Harmony Ridge

Soccer Ball on Field

Girls Soccer

September 19th- November 11th

Students at a Wrestling Match


September 19th- November 11th

Track Field


August 10th-September 16th

Winter Sports at Harmony Ridge

Basketball in Hoop

Boys Basketball

January 23rd- March 2nd

Volleyball and Net


November 14th-January 20th

Harmony Ridge Swimming Pool

Girls Swimming and Diving

February 6th-March 2nd

Spring Sports at Harmony Ridge