Seventh & Eighth Grade

Cathy Allen


Seventh Grade Math

Hi! I am Cathy Allen. I have been a teacher for 22 years and am so excited to be part of Harmony Ridge. My main focus is building a relationship with my students. That connection is key to helping them achieve in math and in Middle School. I have taught both high school and middle school. I have the unique perspective to emphasize the skills necessary to be successful in both. I have two children. My daughter is 21 and a graduate of CSU and my son is 11 and will be a 6th grader at Harmony Ridge in the Fall. I love to hike and crochet. My friends have been the recipients of blankets during the time of quarantine. I am so excited to be part of this community and to be a Raptor!

Judy Larkin


Seventh Grade Literacy

I am very excited to join the staff at Harmony Ridge as a 7th grade Language Arts teacher. I recently moved to Colorado from Ohio, where I taught Language Arts, Social Studies, and Special Education to middle school students for the past 15 years. I have also had experience as creator and coordinator of after-school and summer programs as well as coaching academic teams. No matter the role, I have enjoyed playing a part in developing a love and appreciation for lifelong learning! In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Steve, and our two crazy cats, Lucy and Spare Cat. Laughter is essential to my well-being, and you will often find me laughing and joking with my students and coworkers. I am an avid cook and reader, yoga and music enthusiast, and puzzle lover, too! The beautiful sunshine and breathtaking scenery in my new Colorado home (a far cry from flat Ohio!) has recently inspired me as well. I can't wait to further explore my new surroundings, and hopefully get lots of great tips from my new Harmony family!My goal as an educator is to provide opportunity for my students to grow as learners and citizens. I believe every student has the potential for positive growth and achievement, and I am dedicated to my role in supporting every learner. Together, we will build Harmony!

Mitch Johnson


Seventh/Eighth Grade Science

Hello Harmony community! I was born and raised in Oklahoma, attended the University of Tulsa for my undergraduate degree, and earned my M.Ed. in education from the University of North Texas. I have served as a middle school science teacher in Texas for the last 7 years, and I am so excited to continue teaching science at Harmony Ridge! When not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading sci-fi books, playing video/board games, and volunteering as a dog foster parent. I also enjoy staying active through trail running, biking, and indoor rock climbing. I look forward to a successful, fun-filled first year at Harmony Ridge!

Nicole Serinaldi


Eighth Grade Math

I am currently taking this time of social distancing to remind myself about what makes me happy. The thing I miss most is spending time with my family and friends. My family lives in Texas and New Jersey, so I usually try to make a few trips a year to catch up. Don't worry, I am not an Eagles or a Cowboys fan, I grew up in Massachusetts, so I am a Patriots fan and have been since before Tom Brady. I miss baking cookies with my grandma and running after my niece and nephew. My boyfriend's family is here in Colorado so we used to have Birthday parties, camping trips, concerts (Justin's cousin and sister perform locally at least once a month) and dinners with the family on weekends. I miss the hectic energy of being surrounded by family. My school family usually keeps me the most busy, planning lessons, facilitating learning, planning/attending school events, teaching teachers about supporting language learners and being there for whatever else comes up. I miss them all so much. When I can find an extra moment, I am enjoying Book Club or reading for Book Club, hiking or yoga with friends. I miss the time together to share stories and celebrate successes.
So I am learning new ways to make myself happy. I send a note in the mail to a different friend or family member every morning. I love reflecting on how lucky I am to have so many great people in my life. I do yoga by myself every afternoon and I love the time to slow down and listen to me. I have dinner with Justin every night and I love the time to connect and be there for each other. I walk the dogs every morning and I appreciate the fresh air and watching my dogs play in the grass. I am taking two online classes and I enjoy learning and applying that knowledge in my everyday life. I watch virtual concerts on Facebook and enjoy hearing friends and family continue to do the things they love. I teach my classes virtually often with a cat on my shoulder, so I can see my students faces. I love hearing about their experience and sharing my home with them.

Danielle Johnson


Eighth Grade Literacy

I am so honored and incredibly excited to be a part of the brand new Harmony Ridge school and community.
Up until this summer, the suburbs of Chicago have been the places I’ve called home for my whole life. I grew up in the same suburb as all of my extended family and even went to college not too far from home. I earned my degree from Northern Illinois University and started my teaching career shortly thereafter. These last 10 years I have taught 8th grade ELA in a small but diverse middle school. Over those years, I really dove deep into the heart of that school through committee work, writing curriculum, and coaching a variety of sports. I was really able to grow and flourish as an educator during my time at that school. I’m looking forward to applying and growing those teaching skills here at Harmony Ridge.
In my free time, I love to travel. I have been all over the United States, with Hawaii being the last one I need to visit to have gone to all 50! About three years ago, I went on a road trip to visit my cousin in Colorado. I instantly fell in love with everything that I experienced. From the mountain views to the welcoming and friendly people, to all of the adventures that were out there waiting to be had, I just couldn’t get enough of Colorado. Illinois no longer could offer me what I wanted in life, and I knew that I needed to get back to Colorado. This year, I decided to pack up my dog, Jax, and uproot my life to move in order to embark on this new adventure. Now, I’m fulfilling my dreams and, honestly, can’t wait to completely immerse myself in everything that Colorado and Harmony Ridge has to offer. I cannot wait to meet you all!

Jessica Ketcham


Seventh/Eighth Grade Social Studies

I am so excited to be part of the Harmony Ridge team for next year. I have been teaching nearly 13 years. I have been at Clyde Miller and Aurora West for the past 7 years and Kansas before that. I was born and raised here in Aurora. I am a graduate of Rangeview High School and am living my dream to be teaching in the same district I graduated from. I have coached soccer and volleyball for years at both the middle school and high school level and have taught all grade levels 6-12.
I live with my best friend from high school and have countless fish, both saltwater and fresh. I have a black poodle named Remy. He loves to go for walks and chase a squeaky ball. I also have a Cockatiel Parrot named Willow that loves sunflower seeds and sitting in the sun.
In my freetime you will find me doing various crafts (sewing, crochet and paint by numbers), reading books or binge watching tv shows. I am really excited to be a part of the Harmony Ridge family and look forward to learning and growing with you all!