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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Harmony PK-8 located?

    • The school is currently under construction in the Harmony subdivision at:

52 N. Robertsdale St.

Aurora, CO


Can I use GPS to get there?

    • Yes. GPS does now have the capacity to find Harmony PK-8 at it’s physical address.
    • Directions from I-70: Take I-70 E to Gun Club Rd.South exit. Stay in the middle lane and turn right. Merge immediately into the left lane and turn left on Colfax. Follow Colfax to Powhatan Rd and turn right. Follow signs to Harmony.

Is Harmony a public school or charter school?

    • Harmony is an Aurora Public School. It is not a charter school.

When will Harmony PK-8 open?

    • Harmony will open in August of 2020 on the same day as all other APS schools.

Who will Harmony PK-8 serve?

    • Currently, that is undetermined. A boundary committee began its work in the Spring of 2019 and continued its work into this fall. Boundary scenarios have been provided to the communities involved for input and community members have made their recommendations which are being to presented to district leadership. District Leadership will present their boundary recommendations to the Board of Education on December 17th and the Board of Education will make the final decision. Boundaries decisions should be made public December 18th, 2019.

Is the name of the school Harmony PK-8?

    • At this time, we are unsure. We are looking for community involvement to help us to name the school, choose a mascot and choose school colors. This Community Advisory Committee will also help us to word our vision, mission and decide upon our core values. The Community Advisory Committee will begin their work in early January 2020.

How can I have a voice in the development of Harmony PK-8?

    • The Harmony Development team is currently recruiting parents and community members to sit on an Advisory Committee. Please reach out to: Nadine Ritchotte at nmritchotte@aurorak12.org or by phone or text at 303.514.2710. Nadine will answer your message within 24 hours.

I see “STEM” and “integrated STEM approach” on the website, what does that mean?

    • STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. However,there is not one widely accepted definition of what "STEM" actually is. At Harmony, we have adopted the following definition:
STEM education is an interdisciplinary approach to learning which removes the traditional barriers separating the disciplines of literacy, science, technology, engineering and mathematics and integrates them into real world, rigorous and relevant learning experiences for scholars. To bring scholars’ research and creativity into solving real world problems, we implement Problem Based Learning and the Design Thinking Process across all grade levels. By learning through a STEM lens at Harmony, scholars will develop the skills needed (critical thinking, collaboration, self-direction, informational literacy and invention) to enter a future workforce in which jobs are not yet created.
    • We will do this work by fostering an integrated STEM approach. What this means is that students will learn to problem solve and be critical thinkers across all contents. They will take what they are learning in all their subjects and classes and apply this learning to hands on, creative projects.

What else will Harmony offer?

    • Harmony will offer the full range of middle school sports to our 6th-8th graders. Although we do not yet know specifics, we know students in all grades will have the opportunity to participate in after school clubs, activities, and learning opportunities.

What if I am interested in working at Harmony?