Harmony Ridge P-8 is excited to provide athletic opportunities for our scholars in the 2021-2022 school year! At Harmony Ridge, we believe in the development of the whole child. We also believe that extra curriculars are an important way for students to learn new skills and find something that they love.

Middle School sports have many benefits for students who choose to participate.

  • Regular exercise

  • Improved academic performance

  • Increased social skills

  • Increased collaboration and cooperation skills

  • Increased communication skills

  • The experience of working toward a common goal

  • Improved self esteem

  • Improved confidence

  • Improved time management skills

  • The ability to operate under pressure

Fall Sports at Harmony Ridge


Starts August 12th and ends October 2nd


Starts September 5th and ends November 13th

Girls' Soccer

Starts September 5th and ends November 13th

Winter Sports at Harmony Ridge


Starts November 16th and ends January 6th

Boys' Basketball

Starts January 19th and ends March 6th

Girls' Swim

Starts February 8th and ends March 5th

Spring Sports at Harmony Ridge

Girls' Basketball

Starts March 22nd and ends May 7th

Boys' Soccer

Starts March 22nd and ends May 7th

Bronco's Futures Football

Season TBA